Who Else Wants A 100% Waterproof Blanket For Indoors And Outdoors...That Stays Put

A Premium Waterproof Blanket For People and Their Pets

Keep Any Surface 100% Dry with Blue Zoca

Blue Zoca Unique Features

Unlike other blankets that just have a spray coating or fabric choice, Blue Zoca blankets are engineered with a 100% waterproof, non-toxic, lining that can't wash or wear away.

Indoor waterproof blankets are often too fuzzy to take outside. Outdoor waterproof blankets are often not comfortable for cozy couches. Blue Zoca is designed to be the perfect blend of soft and strong so you can use it anywhere, anytime. From your bed to the park, your Blue Zoca will be there for you.

Machine washable and dryable - Blue Zoca is made to use over and over again.

Our fans love how they put a Blue Zoca blanket on the couch or bed and it stays put - no matter how many times their dog jumps on and off of it.

Blue Zoca: the 100% waterproof indoor / outdoor blanket.

What People Are Saying

Dog Proof

“Protects my couch and bed from my dog’s dirty, wet paws (she loves to run in from outside and zip all over).”

Amy L., Towson, MD

Bed Saver

So thankful we purchased this blanket – it’s really saved our bed linens.”

Kristie S.,  Louisville, KY

Warm & Dry While Outside

“No more shivering on the sidelines!  Big enough to keep us both warm and dry while we watch our son’s matches.”

Tom J., Long Island, NY


“So stylish – and really easy to clean.  I just throw it in the wash and it comes out looking like new every time!”

Amanda S., Santa Monica, CA

Perfect Bed Cover

“Just the right thickness, not too heavy and not too light; soft and velvety smooth; perfect cover for our queen size bed . . . “ 

Alana L., New York

Love This

“Love that I can leave this out on my bed and it blends right in.”

Bill C., Greenwich, CT

Available in 2 Sizes